Route 1 - Milan between the Cross and the Crown

Beccaria square

The Palace of the Captain of Justice is a historic building in the city of Milan, located on the Verziere between Fountain Square and Piazza Beccaria, now the Central Command of the Local Police in Milan.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace initially took the name of Palazzo del Broletto Vecchio. The term Broletto,in Lombardy, he indicated the fenced-in area where town meetings and the administration of the justice were held . The building was originally designed with a system of two yards, then partially demolished to make room for the Cathedral.

The cathedral

The Cathedral stands on a Celtic temple nestled in a "sacred grove", the center of energy of the Druids, the place where they practiced initiation of the young warriors. The tall oaks of the forest today are represented by the mighty marble pillars inside the Cathedral.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II connects Piazza of the Scala at Piazza Duomo (196 meters) and has two short arms 105 meters perpendicular to the main axis. Its width is 14.5 meters.

Palazzo della Ragione

The Palazzo della Ragione is the oldest and most important example of Romanesque civil architecture in Milan. It was erected in 1233 by the mayor of the time, Oldrardo from Tresseno who distinguished himself in the persecution of heretics.