Route 4 - Milan of Napoleonic period

The Peace Arch

The monument is now one of the most interesting examples of neoclassical architecture in the city.

Porta Venezia (Venezia Gate)

The current Porta Venezia arose on the same road axis on which the doors of the same name from the Roman period (on the track of the Roman walls) and medieval (on the track of the Medieval walls)had risen.

Santa Maria delle Grazie and Leonardo's Last Supper - UNESCO Heritage of Humanity

The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie is a basilica and sanctuary, belonging to the Dominican Order. The architecture of the gallery, built between 1492 and 1493 at the behest of the Duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro as a mausoleum for his family, is one of the highest achievements of the Renaissance in Northern Italy and has been designed by Donato Bramante.

Sforzesco Castle

What today remains of the old Sforzesco Castle is only a part of the original building restored by the Sforza family after the Milanese citizens had destroyed the Visconti Castle in 1447.