Route 6 - Milan Ambrosiana


The actions of Sant'Ambrogio (340-347 AD) in Milan has left deep scars in the city and in its religious organization.

Church of San Satiro e Santa Maria in San Satiro

Built at the end of the fifteenth century by incorporating the chapel of San Satiro of the early Middle Ages, the church is one of the masterpieces of Renaissance by Donato Bramante, who built here the famous perspective of the illusory "pretended apse".

Archaeological Museum

The Museum is housed in a former convent, which in turn was built on an area previously occupied by a Roman villa of the first century, by the walls and the nearby Roman circus facing the imperial palace from the late third century:

The Museum of Science and Technology

If "Ambrosian" adjective is distinctive of Milan, technological and industrial development in Italy starting from 800 can also be defined in a broad sense "Ambrosian" because Milan for this development has been and it still is an important nerve center