Route 2 - Mailand et Giuseppe Verdi

La Scala Theatre

The Teatro alla Scala in Milan (simply called La Scala and nicknamed Temple of the Opera) is the most famous opera house in the world; from more than two hundred years it is home of all internationally recognized artists and was the first commissioner of operas still present in repertoire of all the opera houses of the world.

La Scala Museum

A first part of the museum was established in 1911 with the purchase at an auction of a collection that was intended to document the history of the show from ancient to contemporary times.
The exhibition area of the museum consists of 14 rooms and exhibits marl busts and portraits of many composers, conductors and performers of European music of the past two centuries, ancient musical instruments.

Palazzo Marino

Palazzo Marino, today the seat of the Municipality of Milan, overlooking the Piazza della Scala, was commissioned by the Genoese banker Tommaso Marino as a noble residence of the wealthy family between 1557 and 1563 based on magnificent design by the architect Galeazzo Alessi.

Durini Street

The Durini is a family of the Milanese nobility. Belonging to the nobility of Como, assert themselves with the mercantile, first in Como and then to Milan, where they act in the early seventeenth century by exercising the activity of bankers.

Ca 'Granda – University

This prestigious building complex has been for centuries in Italy and in Europe an example of advanced hospital. It was used as a hospital from its origins to the Second World War during which it was almost completely destroyed by the bombing (1943). After the war, the building was restored with philological rigor and was assigned at the University of Milan (1958).