Route n. 9 - Medieval Lombardy between esotericism and nineteenth-century joint liability

CRESPI D’ADDA VILLAGE- Unesco Heritage Site

Crespi D'ADDA –a whole city built out from scratch in the late nineteenth century. The idea came from the entrepreneur  of the cotton factory “Crespi”. The town is located  along  the  Adda river,   municipality of Capriate San Gervasio , just a few km away from Bergamo. This is a great example of” workers' village”, one of the the most complete and best preserved in Europe if not the world. It is considered to be a  leading  example of human settlement and architectural complex that represents  a significant heritage in human history.

THE ROTUNDA OF ST. THOMAS - Almenno San Bartolomeo (Bergamo)

Within short distance  from Bergamo and at the beginning of the Alps,  ROTONDA DI SAN TOME 'is a shining example of Romanesque architecture of the seventh century. It is  built on an ancient site dedicated to the god Silvanus.