Route 10 – The Lombardy Abbeys

Abbey Morimondo

Here the world dies. Here the world rises. We must die to be reborn. Those who do not understand this are living their lives by stealing others life.  The magnificence of Morimondo church is given by the total simplicity and a sense of order . it is an order that is not comparable to the architectural perfection.

Abbey Viboldone

Viboldone Abbey iso ne of the most important medieval buildings in Lombardy tank to its architecture and its beautiful frescoes. 
 Founded in 1176 and completed in 1348 by”The Humbles”, a religious group consisting of monks, nuns and lay people who lived a life of work and pray. Specifically, they manufactured woolen cloths and worked on its fields with absolute new techniques for its times.

Abbey of Chiaravalle

The Chiaravalle Abbey is a Cistercian monastery complex.  Founded in 1135, and is represents one of the first Gothic buildings in Italy. There are many Cistercian abbeys to be seen al lover Europe , and its features recall to a specific architectural cistercian style.