Paths in Lombardy

Route 7 – Lombardy and the Cathars

  • Desenzano and Sirmione on Garda Lake on the tracks of the Cathars, survived in Lombardy for more than thirty years after their end in Montsegur 1244

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Route 8 – The Camuni people and the petroglyphs -Unesco Heritage Site

The rock carvings of Valcamonica are in the province of Brescia and is one of the largest collections of prehistoric petroglyphs in the world.

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Route 9 - Lombardy between Middle Age esoterism and nineteenth-century solidarity

  • Crespi D'ADDA Village
  • The solidarity of the 19th century in a village Unesco World Heritage Site
    A medieval church with geometrical and astronomical magics

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Route 10 – The Lombardy Abbeys

In the countryside south of Milan stretch fields of wheat , corn and rice fields, intersecting canals, herons fishing along the streams and poppies growing among the wheat , rise up neat rows of poplar trees and farms and big and famous abbeys founded Humiliated by monastic orders such as the Cistercians and the testimony not only of religious life, but also an agricultural activity destined to change the rural landscape bequeathed to the present day and centers veritable breeding ground for culture.

  • Abbey Viboldone
  • Abbey Morimondo
  • Abbey of Chiaravalle

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Route 11 - Secret freemasonry temples in Lombardy

A tour through the secret freemasonry temple in parks and villas in Lombardy

  • Cernusco: the underground temple villa Ambrose Uboldo
  • Gorla: Park Villa Finzi with the underground temple

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Route 12 – The Lombardy of the VI-VIII century AC

The castrum of Castelseprio, former Roman military outpost and defensive bastion Ostrogoth, was modified by the Longobards in a trading post and then a monastery (eighth century). For five centuries the vegetation covered the remains of the castle. The castrum is considered an archaeological site of European importance (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

- Castel Seprio

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