Undoubtably Freemasonry has over the last years taken on an active role in promoting culture through various initiatives such as the the one of the National Commission for Bioethics of the Grand Lodge of Italy that in October 2013 has organized a National convention entitled "bioethics and nutrition", closely related to the topic of this Expo 2015. Freemasonic thought is lively in Europe and spreads messages related to values of Liberty and Tollerance, meaning integration, respect for different cultures, positive attention to a multiethnic society, fight for a civil libertarian justice and laity. In a moment of growing criticalities an effort for the creation of a European mentality considering Europe not only as an economic or financial context but as a context of shared ideas and thought that respecting the past pledge communal cultural sharing. On the occasion of this important event Expo 2015 remarked by the presence of 130 Chiefs of State, 60 self-built pavilions by different countries and nine clusters prove that the chosen topic is the order of business in international agendas, every brother will have the opportunity to make full use of his personal experience and professional expertise to point out monuments, natural beauties, art expositions as well as gastronomic specialities. We are interested in examining the cultural dimension, our website will privilege reference to Freemasonry but it is necessary to look beyond and pay attention to main stream topics as well. Our reception also involves the personal willingness of brothers to encounter visitors in a frame of international cooperation. It will be important for each different contribution to be enhanced and not wasted at the end of the event with the intent of leaving a heritage to mankind. We are sure that among the milions of visitors coming to Milan for the Expo which is universal just like Freemasonry many will be sisters and brothers of different masonic obediences who would like to discover the Grand Lodge of Italy. We will be available to "guide" them phisically and culturally along the paths of Milan's and Lombardy's secular and masonic heritage. We remind that in Milan on March, 16 1805 the first Supreme Council of Scottish Ancient and Accepted Rite was founded by Count Alexandre Francois Auguste de Grasse Tilly in virtue of titles granted by the Supreme Council of Charleston. Not very known is the contribution of Freemasonry to the various universal expositions starting from the very first one in London in 1756 as well as the ones in Paris 1889 and 1895. During the 1895 universal exposition the "Ballo Excelsior" by Romualdo Marenco was performed, as the choreographer Flavia Pappacena once said: "continuing the allegoric tradition of the 1700s starting from the exaltation of reason to civilization, considered as a cultural evaluation process, underlying themes recalling masonic principles. Moreover Romualdo Marenco was a Freemason". In 1906 Milan hosted the Expo dedicated to evolution in trasportation and its 200 pavilions had been visited by almost 10 million people setting forth Italy's economic and social rebirth to which the Società Umanitaria founded by Freemason Moise' Loria had actively contributed promoting social activities. In the foreword to the convention on international expositions drafted in Paris in1928 "An exposition is an event that whichever is its title has as main purpose the education of the public...and displays the means available to mankind to fulfill the needs of civilization, show the progress acheived in one or more areas of human activity indicating the prospectives for the future. We put our effort so that Expo remains in the memory of its visitors not only for its important innovations but especially for its spiritual and esoteric aspects. This is why we have arranged many open meetings with the contribution of anyone interested in masonic culture. Freemasonry is a dream substantiated through the centuries by men and women of good will: men and women who dreamt about justice, harmony, tollerance, peace, fraternity in diversity. Now more than ever, in this moment filled by the perception of growth of the complexity, brothers will be able to expess themselves in a dimension of consideration and debate: what better occasion to be protagonist and to nurrish a real knowledge? Welcome in the world of complexity, that is the world of Expo and of Universal Freemasonry.

Events in Milan

  • Conferenza ARTE, FILOSOFIA E MITO - Domenica 19 novembre 2023 h. 14 Read More